Worship Calendar

Worship Calendar

Worship: Every Sunday at 11am

June  4, 2017
Rev. Hoyt-McDaniels
“Where do we come from, Who are we, Where are we going?”
What is First Church?  What is any church?  I’m fascinated by the way communities change constantly but also manage to preserve their essential character.  What is the center of First Church?
June 11, 2017
Rev. Hoyt-McDaniels with Ryan Humphrey, Francisco Ruiz and the Chalice Choir
“Music Sunday”
On this Music Sunday we put a cap to our choir year as well as Reverend Hoyt-McDaniels’ exploration of the diverse sources of Unitarian Universalist faith, by celebrating that diversity in song. As we believe that faith can be expressed in a variety of ways, so too can our music express our feelings in a variety of idioms. Come hear us perform music in English and Spanish that ranges from South American song to gospel traditions to Jewish folk idioms, including a solo performance by our new music director Francisco Ruiz.
June 18, 2017
Rev. Hoyt-McDaniels with the Community Choir 
“Let it Grow”
From our year-long discussion of the sources of our faith, what have we made?  Faith is about looking forward, not back. Where do we go from here?  What will you do with your new faith?
June 25, 2017
John Bloom-Ramirez
“A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes”
In the Disney film “Cinderella”, the title character sings “… a dream is a wish your heart makes.”  Today we’ll discuss dreams, and how to find satisfaction when your dream doesn’t quite turn out the way you hoped.

July 2, 2017 “”
Angie Mason

July 9, 2017 “On Being Hit by a Truck”
Steve Ellison

July 16, 2017 “”
Rev. Hoyt-McDaniels

July 23, 2017 “”
Rev. Rebecca Benefiel Bijur

July 30, 2017 “”
Rev. Hoyt-McDaniels

August 6, 2017 “”
Rev. Hoyt-McDaniels

August 13, 2017 “”
Rev. Hoyt-McDaniels

August 20, 2017 “”
Rev. Hoyt-McDaniels

August 27, 2017 “”
Rev. Hoyt-McDaniels

September 3, 2017 “”